Capabilities Overview

The capabilities of the Applied Ballistics team are far reaching and detailed.  The slides below present an overview of our capabilities in many areas.
The central theme is the Applied Ballistics core solver.  The solver is driven by projectile data models (BC and custom drag models) which are up-to-date and accurate.  The combination of a properly written ballistics solver and accurate data models puts Applied Ballistics far beyond others in the industry.

Having an accurate data driven solver is only half the battle.  Building the solver into relevant tools which are tailored for end users requires the skill and insight of professional software engineers.  One of Applied Ballistics core competencies is software integration.  The slides below touch on some projects in which Applied Ballistics provided software integration and even hardware design and fabrication services.

The overall objective of Applied Ballistics is to provide the most useful, accurate and comprehensive set of ballistic prediction tools for long range shooters.