Applied Ballistics founder Bryan Litz studies the science of ballistics, but also stays in touch with the practical art of competitive rifle shooting.  Four members of the Applied Ballistics Staff are on the US Rifle Team.

Applied Ballistics has its roots in competition, and continues to sharpen and hone those skills in today’s increasingly competitive discipline of long range target shooting.  The enjoyment of long range shooting comes from the never ending journey of self improvement.  This is not a discipline in which anything comes easy!  Initial success is measured just by learning from mistakes and growing your skills.  Long range target shooting is a never ending learning experience in which you’re constantly searching for fault in your own approach, and imagining creative ways to overcome.

Along the way you’ll meet the best people in the world.  Free with advice, and willing to help a fellow competitor even if it compromises their own standing in the competition.  Numerous times I’ve seen competitors lend equipment to strangers in need.  In the long range shooting community, you’ll make life long friends and memories so valuable that you’ll feel like a winner regardless of the standings of any given match.

Make no mistake, the competition itself is real, and it is fierce!  If you’re in it to win, you’ll work hard and be challenged by the many other competitors who are also competing for gold.  Often times major tournaments are won or lost by X-count (a tie breaker).  Even the steadiest nerves can be shattered in a contest of shear accuracy where multiple points can fall to an invisible gust of wind.

Long range shooting isn’t just a local organization.  Competitive rifle shooting is a tradition with a great history, and modern organizations active in standardizing and hosting competitive international events for several disciplines.  Visit the US Rifle teams website for details on the organization and activities of international rifle shooting.

One long range match that’s of particular note is the annual Southwest Nationals hosted by Berger Bullets and Nightforce Optics.  This event has grown into a huge success in a relatively short period of time due to the fine atmosphere, facilities, and organization of the sponsors.  If you can only attend one match to see the potential of how much fun long range shooting can be, this is the event!  You can view a trailer for this matches promotional video below.

If you’re looking for a challenging and rewarding experience that you can enjoy with your whole family, for an entire lifetime, we invite you to join us in the rewarding discipline of competitive rifle shooting.  Somewhere in your area is a match organizer who can direct you to a calendar of events for local clubs.