The Applied Ballistics Laboratory is continually researching new areas of internal, external and terminal ballistics.  Typical Laboratory activities are scheduled in support of internal research efforts, however external consulting is also accepted.  Applied Ballistics Laboratories supports both Berger Bullets and ABM Ammo with regular ballistic testing services.

Details of the facility


The laboratory test facility is comprised of several buildings and a 300 yard open air range located on 20 acres in west central Michigan.
Experimentation is the backbone of science, and measurement is the backbone of experimentation which is why we rely on high quality measurement equipment at the lab.  We use a Leica Total Station to survey all distances to within +/-0.01″.  Atmospheric conditions are continuously monitored by a Davis Vantage Pro2 solar powered wireless weather station.  The primary instrument used to measure bullet velocities, time of flight and Ballistic Coefficients is the Oehler System 88 with acoustic target. Bullet dimensions can be measured to within +/-0.0005″ using the Keyence 6015 Image Measurement system.


The lab relies on high quality tools and equipment, but the primary asset of the laboratory is the people.  Aerospace Engineer and Ballistician Bryan Litz manages research projects which are designed to answer questions and acquire the data that supports the shooting industry with scientifically supported results.  Lab Technicians include Bill Litz and Al Barnhart, both veterans and members of the US National Rifle Team.  These guys know their way around precision firearms and execute projects with the discipline that’s required for good science.  

The lab supports a variety of external center fire rifle ballistic testing activities including:


    • Load development for multiple cartridges in all calibers from .177 to .510.
    • Measurement of rifle bullet BC’s, accurate to within +/- 1%
    • Measurement of rifle bullet dimensions to within +/-0.0005″
    • Measurement of rifle bullet spin rate, and spin rate decay
    • Multi-range precision screening for detailed dispersion analysis
    • Detailed geometric, mass, and aerodynamic characterization of small arms bullets