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The Applied Ballistics core solver engine and data structures are supported by a staff of professionals who insure it’s the most accurate and up to date ballistics software available, period. You can use this state of the art software in a variety of different desktop and mobile devices which are provided to serve a variety of applications. In this section of the website you will find Educational Resources, Lab Results, and an Online Ballistics Solver.

Applied Ballistics Web Utility
Free Online Calculator On this website, you have free access to run the Applied Ballistics software to calculate trajectories and store range cards for printing. In addition to these basic capabilities, this site offers several unique and exclusive options.

WEZFirst, this is the only ballistics calculator that offers the ability to do custom Weapon Employment Zone (WEZ) analysis. With this capability, you can calculate your probability of hit for a specific weapon system in different levels of environmental uncertainty. WEZ analysis for long range rifle shooting was first published in the book: Accuracy and Precision for Long Range Shooting in which the concept was developed and static WEZ analysis was presented for a variety of scenarios. Now you can conduct your own WEZ analysis using this free online utility.

In addition to being the only ballistics program capable of WEZ analysis, this free online tool offers several options to extend your desktop solutions into the field. Providing a print-able range card for use in the field is typically where online calculators leave off. But with the Applied Ballistics web calculator, you can save ballistic profiles for use in the AB Kestrel. After creating and running a ballistic solution online, you simply download the ballistic profile to your computer, and use the Kestrel profile loader to load that profile onto your Applied Ballistics Kestrel!


Finally, the AB web calculator provides the option to send your ballistic profile data to Accuracy First Development Group for use in creating a custom Whiz Wheel ballistics calculator. A Whiz Wheel is basically a circular slide rule (no batteries) which provides custom ballistic solutions based on your rifle/ammo profile and corrected for range, Density Altitude, wind, incline, even spin drift. You can even calibrate your Whiz Wheel based on observed impact at long range if necessary.

There are many free ballistic solvers on the web. The Applied Ballistics web utility goes far beyond the others in terms of features, connectivity, and utility.

You will find over 30 articles covering a wide variety of subjects. These are broken down in to 3 catagories. The main articles section is filled with technical papers covering a wide variety of areas. The Bullet Data section has more than 2 dozen spec sheets showing test data from our lab for individual bullets. The Bullet Analysis section has detailed studies on a select few of the most popular bullets used in competition. Articles Page