AB Profile Loader

The Applied Ballistics® Profile Loader is free software that is used to build/manage/edit weapon/ammo profiles for the Applied Ballistics® Integrated devices. This software is capable of loading profiles on to Garmin® Foretrex® 701s, Kestrels, RAPTAR-S, ABREM’s, and other devices. Included in the software is the Custom Drag Model Library. Giving the user an option for G1/G7 or Custom Drag Models in the weapon profile. To learn more about this software take a look at its user guide:


Current Version: 070 (January 2019)
Current Library Version: 811


For detailed information on each feature see the user manual in the support tab.

1. Build & Save Gun Profiles.
2. Custom Drag Model Library. To learn more see here: CDMs
3. G1/G7 Tested BCs – G1/G7 tested data on over 800+ bullets. This is not the advertised BCs from the manufacturer, but the tested data from the AB Lab.
4. Muzzle Velocity Temp-Table.
5. Scope Turret Tracking Calibration (Sight Scale Factor)(Garmin 701 Only).
6. Share Profiles with other users.


Device Compatibility: Garmin® Foretrex® 701Kestrel EliteKestrel 4500REM 100/200IBEAM

Requirements – Windows 7/Newer or MAC*

Kestrel Elite – Only works with the Data Cable.

*MAC Users – It is possible to install and run on a MAC but we cannot guarantee compatibility.


Online User Guide: Under Revision!

PDF User Guide: Click Here!

Software Download


AB Profile Loader – PC & (Mac in development) (Free) (Version 70)
Updated: January 2019


Works With: Garmin Foretrex 701, Kestrel 5700 Elite/Sportsman, Kestrel 4500 AB/Sportsman, and REM 100/200.

Requirements: Kestrel Elite requires the Data Cable, will not work with Bluetooth. Mac users must have dual boot or a Windows emulator.

System Requirements: Windows 7, 8, or 10. Mac Sierra or Yosemite and newer.

It is also included in AB Analytics, so you can not only develop profiles but then upload the profiles you developed to a compatible device: AB Analytics!

Mobile Usage: This software is not available on mobile devices. However netbooks have become more and more mobile, including 2 in 1 devices where the keyboard will disconnect becoming a tablet. It is possible to run this software on a 2 in 1 platform as long as it contains a full version of Windows 10 such as the Nextbook Flexx and Asus Transformer Books. You must make sure it has windows 10 home and NOT windows mobile in order for it to work. It is also important that the device has a USB Port. Not all netbooks come with USB ports on them Some only have the USB Port on the Keyboard, Nextbook Flexx for example. Meaning you can only use USB Devices while they are docked to the keyboard. This is where 2 in 1 or non detachable devices can be a better choice. While the keyboard does not detach, it does fold behind the screen making it tablet like. Example: Asus Q53UX. While not as small, they maintain all the functionality of a laptop while folded flat. Warning: Some 2 in 1 devices are Windows Mobile and/or Android. Read the specs before you buy. They need to be Windows 10 Home or newer.