AB Tactical App

The Applied Ballistics Tactical Application for Android was developed for the military sniper, with direct input from the community on desired features, interface, and functionality.  

Dubbed “the easy button” of ballistics apps by active duty snipers, this application is the no-frills solution for professional shooters who need an accurate solution fast.

Designed to work completely “off the grid”, this application does not rely on data, cell or GPS connections for performing any of it’s functions.  All BC’s and custom drag models are included for over 200 bullets (custom drag models are only available thru in-app purchase with the commercial AB Mobile app).  Blue-tooth connectivity with Kestrel devices is supported.

Weapon profile management stores the details of your rifles and ammunition for easy selection in the field.  It also allows you to upload profiles to the Kestrel 4500s with Applied Ballistics.

The top level of this app always shows your elevation and wind bracket for the selected weapon profile and conditions which are all visible at the top level.

With drag models measured via live fire in the Applied Ballistics Laboratory, the accuracy of trajectory prediction is second to none.  However ballistic calibration is available to correct the solution based on observed impacts when complete inputs are not known.

User Guide: Click Here

PDF User Guide: Click Here

Device Compatibility: Kestrel Elite (5700)Sig Kilo 2400 ABS – Kestrel 4500 – RAPTAR-S – REM 100/200Wind Sensor ArrayKestrel Drop 3

Laser Range Finder Compatibility: RAPTAR, PLRF, STORM, & RULR.

Current Version: 204 (Oct 2017)
Current Bullet Library Version: 400

1. AB Ballistics Engine
2. Weapon Employment Zone Analysis
3. Wind Profile Analysis (Input up to 8 winds)
4. Custom Drag Models, built in AB Library.
5. Firearm/Ammo Profiles (Build and Store custom profiles).
6. Target Range Estimation (calculate distance based on target size in reticle)
7. Angle Detection (Uses devices accelerometer to determin inclination angle)
8. Weather Station Atmosphere (User can choose to pull weather from internet).
9. Atmosphere via Kestrel (Kestrel 5000 series, 4000 series, and Drop 3).
10. LRF Compatibility (RAPTAR-S, PLRF, STORM, and RULR, Sig Kilo 2400). Ability to receive range input.
11. Aerodynamic Jump, Spin Drift, Vertical and Horizontal Coriolis Effects are calculated.
12. Interactive HUD Output.
13. Ballistic Calibration & Muzzle Velocity Calibration abilities.
14. Metric Support.
15. Ability to upload profiles to RAPTAR-S & Kestrel 4500 AB.
16. Works Off Grid (No Cell Service Needed).


Availability: Android Only
Restricted – For Purchase By: Military, LEO, State Trooper, DOD, Game Warden, Park Ranger, Verified Veterans, Retired Mil/LEO. Not for civilian purchase. Contact us directly for more information or to purchase. Available for Unit/Department bulk orders.