Applied Ballistics Toolbox

The Applied Ballistics Toolbox is a set of tools that shooters can use across multiple applications. It is designed for speed, and ease of use. It does not require an internet connection, so it is off the grid friendly. This app means you don’t need to memorize formulas or charts for certain filed calculations/corrections.

One of the more important tools in shooting is knowing/understanding your BC and SSF (Sight Scale Factor). To read more about this, visit the article page and review the Ballistic Calibration Article.

User Guide: Click Here!

1. Spin Doctor – 
Twist Rate Stability Calculator with the AB Library Built in. Gives you a corrected BC for non-optimized barrel twist/location.
2. Sight Scale Factor –
This tool allows you to test your turrets tracking, and gives you a correction factor for your turrets true tracking.
3. Mil Ranging –
Allows you to mil targets using the reticle in your scope, has a small library of target sizes for reference.
4. Quick Reference Animal Chart –
This allows the user to have a reference chart based on popular animals for use in MIL Ranging.
5. Chronograph Correction –
This tool gives the shooter a corrected MV based on the distance between the rifle and chronograph.
6. Density Altitude Calculator –
Allows you to calculate DA (Density Altitude) by entering basic information using either Barometric or Station Pressure.
7. Slope Dope –
Inclination Angle Correction. Calculates for Uphill/Downhill firing solution corrections.
8. Auto Conversion –
Units are automatically converted when switching between different units of measure.
9. Copy Function – You can copy certain functions like SSF, and MV to be pasted in to other apps.

10. Metric Support –
Data inputs/output can be configured to use Metric units.
11. Dark Theme –
A dark theme is used to preserve night vision during low/limited light conditions.


Availability: Android Only

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