Bushnell Ballistics

The Bushnell Ballistics App, is a companion app to use with your Bushnell Scopes to calculate firing solutions. This app allows you to use current atmospherics to calculate the hold overs in your reticle using the AB Ultralite™ Engine. With this app you can build and modify gun profiles. You can build range cards and calculate firing solutions based on your scope and ammunition. The app has a multi-target function with 5 custom ranges. You can store up to 5 gun profiles. Range Cards can be emailed to yourself, or a friend. This app is free from Bushnell and works on both Android and iOS operating systems.


For detailed information on each feature see the user manual in the support tab.

1. Android & iOS Compatible
2. Applied Ballistics Ultralite™ Engine
AB Connect™ with G1/G7 data from AB Lab (Live Library).
4. Bushnell Scope Library(Over 150 Scopes)
5. Reticle Options (Over 30+ Reticles used in Bushnell Scopes)
6. Gun Profile Management (Up to 5 saved profiles).
7. Reticle Based Firing Solution.
8. Multiple Target Engagement(Up to 5 targets).
9. Range Card.
10. Range Card send to email.

11. AB Bullet Library (Over 800 Bullets).
12. Atmospherics Manually or from Internet.
13. Inclination Angle Correction (Uphill or Downhill Shooting)

14. Dark Theme.
15. Metric Support.


User Guide: Click Here

PDF User Guide: Click Here
This app features AB Connect™, you can read more about AB Connect™ here. To see the current G1/G7 Library for this app you may download the PDF here: Complete Bullet List


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Availability: Android & iOS

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