Kestrel LiNK Ballistics

The Kestrel LiNK Ballistics App, is a companion app to the Kestrel Elite/Sportsman with LiNK. With this app you can build and modify gun profiles. You can run the Kestrel Elite in a wind vane mount, which allows the device to float in the wind giving you real time up to date firing solutions. You also have the ability to use a multi target function (only with the Elite not Sportsman). You can input up to 8 targets you want firing solutions for. This app also has a firmware check, that will notify you and perform the firmware update on your Kestrel Elite/Sportsman. This app is included free with the device and works on both Android and iOS operating systems. It does require you have the optional Bluetooth add on.

Requirements: Kestrel 5700 Elite/Sportsman with LiNK

User Guide: Click Here

PDF User Guide: Click Here!


1. Android & iOS Compatible
2. AB Connect™ Integration (Automatic Library).
3. Gun Profile Management.
4. Custom Drag Curves. (Elite Model Only)
5. Single Target Engagement.
6. Multiple Target Engagement. (Elite Model Only)
7. AB Bullet Library.
8. MV Temp-Table.
9. Coriolis Effect, Spin Drift, & Aerodynamic Jump.
10. Ballistic Calibration (Trueing).
11. Muzzle Velocity Calibration.
12. Live Atmospherics Reading.
13. Dark Theme.
14. Metric Support.
15. Ability to update Kestrel Elite/Sportsman (5700) Firmware.
16. GPS Location to Kestrel through App for firing solution Latitude.


Availability: Android & iOS

Android: Click Here

iOS: Click Here