Sig Kilo 2400ABS App

Screenshot_20160803-085312The Sig Sauer Kilo 2400 Applied Ballistics System (SK2400ABS) App is a companion app to the Sig Sauer Kilo 2400 Laser Range Finder with integrated Applied Ballistics Chipset. The SK2400ABS chipset contains Temperature, Pressure, Humidity, Inclination (Vertical Angle), Compass (Direction of Fire), and Range Sensors. It can feed all of this data in to the Applied Ballistics Calculator built in to the device and return a firing solution in the display. To help manage this data, it comes with a free companion app which allows a user to build, manage, and upload gun profiles to the SK2400ABS.

This app contains the full G1/G7 Custom Drag Model (CDM) Applied Ballistics Library to be used when building gun profiles. You can also true (ballistic calibration) your firing solution based on real world results. This includes both Muzzle Velocity and BC. For more information on doing a ballistic calibration see here:
Ballistic Calibration Article. Inside the app you can also train the weapon/ammo profile to adjust muzzle velocity for changes in temp using the MV-Temp table. This app is included free with the device.

Environment and Target screens allow you to see what the sensors are reporting in real time. You can also input moving target information, and wind information from these screens.

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Sig Kilo 2400 ABS Device PDF OEM Manual: Click Here!

Requires Sig Kilo 2400 Applied Ballistics System
1. AB Ballistics Engine (Built in to the Device not App)
AB Connect™ Integration (Automatic Library)
3. HUD with detailed read out of range and current conditions.
4. Range from App. You can mount the SK2400ABS and activate the laser remotely from the app to range a target.
5. Live Feed from sensors. When SK2400ABS device is on, the readings on each screen will live update and display in the app.
6. Wind Meter. You can Bluetooth to the included wind meter to get wind speed and direction or input the wind speed and direction manual.
7. Target Speed and Direction can be input via the app for calculation into firing solution.
8. Override ability. You can override the current sensor readings and input your own parameters such as Temp, Pressure, Direction of Fire etc.
9. Gun Profile Management. Build, Edit, and Upload from the App to your device.
10. Custom Drag Models. Complete library of AB Custom Drag Models.
11. G1/G7 Tested Library. Users can choose CDM or G1/G7 when profile building.
12. Aerodynamic Jump, Spin Drift, & Coriolis Effect are all calculated in the system.
13. Temp Table. Ability to train for muzzle velocity shift with temperature shift.
14. Ballistic Calibration. Muzzle Velocity and/or BC Calibration ability.
15. Metric Support.

Availability: Android & iOS

Android Download Link: Click Here.

iOS Download Link: Click Here.

To see the Sig Sauer Kilo 2400 ABS go here: Sig Kilo 2400 ABS