Kestrel 4500 Applied Ballistics

The Kestrel Shooters Wind Meter with Applied Ballistics, or K4500 AB, was the top choice of shooters around the world(Discontinued and replaced with the Elite). Capable of reading atmospheric data, and generating a firing solution in real time. This device was made in four models. The AB and Sportsman Model. Then you had the option of adding Bluetooth. Bluetooth models can be used to manage weapon profiles, or to live feed atmospheric data in to mobile apps. The AB Model has the ability to use Custom Drag Models or G1/G7 BCs from the full time Ballistics Lab.

Chosen as the Scout Sniper Ballistic Computer by the U.S. Marine Corps, this device was the top choice of Military/Professional and Recreational Shooters(Click Here). When you need Firing Solutions in the field the Kestrel Meters with Applied Ballistics are the top choice. This device was replaced in the fall of 2015 with the newer Kestrel Elite.

A non AB model cannot be converted to an AB model. A non-Bluetooth model cannot be upgraded to a Bluetooth model. You can trade these units in for a discount on a newer model.

Made in the USA and BERRY compliant.

Discontinued Nov 2015 – Replaced with Kestrel Elite/Sportsman (5700)

OEM User Manual: Click Here

PDF Quick Start Guide: Click Here

Compatible Apps: AB Mobile, AB Tactical, nVisti Companion Pro, Kestrel Companion.

Profile Loader Compatibility: AB AnalyticsAB Profile Loader

Kestrel Elite vs. Kestrel 4500 Comparison: Click Here

Current FW Version: 4.93 (December 2015)


1. AB Ballistic Engine – Most Advanced/Accurate ballistic solver on the market. Trusted by Professionals.
2. Custom Drag Model Library – (Optional) AB was the first to develop a publically available system/library with Custom Drag Models. More accurate than G1/G7 BCs. Not available on the sportsman model. Custom Drag Models Explained. Uses a Coefficient of Drag (CD vs Mach) instead of a BC.
3. G1/G7 BC –
 Users can choose CDM or G1/G7 Tested BCs when profile building.
4. Bluetooth –
(Optional) This optional feature allows you to connect to mobile devices and use the companion apps.
5. 16 Guns –
 Store up to 16 guns on the device.
6. Night Vision Friendly –
(Optional) Optional version with night vision friendly backlight.
Ballistic Calibration Feature – DSF(BC) Calibration ability. Ballistic Calibration Article.
8. Muzzle Velocity Calibration Feature –
Muzzle Velocity Calibration Tool.
9. Muzzle Velocity Temp-Table –
Muzzle Velocity Temperature Table has the ability to true your MV for changes in environmental factors. Can be turned on/off.
10. Coriolis Effect –
Ability to calculate Coriolis.
11. Spin Drift –
Ability to calculate spin drift. Can be turned on/off.
12. Aerodynamic Jump –
AB was the first Ballistic Calculator available to the public to automatically calculates Aerodynamic Jump.
13. Moving Target – Users have the ability to input a moving target speed and direction to be included in the calculation.
14. Range Estimation – Users can mil targets using their reticle and the built in range estimation tool. Commonly referred to as “Milling Targets” 
15. Inclination –
 Users have the ability to input the angle to the target, and have an Uphill/Downhill corrected firing solution. This is not a simple co-sign adjustment. The ballistic solver is correctly adjusted for the true change in uphill vs downhill.
16. Range Card – Built in range card with adjustable increments (10, 20, 25, 50, & 100).
17. Multiple Saved Targets – (Optional)
Store up to 5 different targets for rapid transition, not available on sportsman.
18. Ballistics Data – Ballistics Data Table with: Range, Elevation, Wind 1, Wind 2, Lead (Moving Target), Vertical Coriolis, Horizontal Coriolis, Spin Drift, Aerodynamic Jump, Remaining Velocity, Remaining Energy, Time of Flight, Max Ordinance (highest point in trajectory), Drop (true drop from barrel), Reaches Transonic Range, Reaches Subsonic Range 
19. Density Altitude –
Device calculates and reports DA to user.
20. Multiple Readings –
 More than a dozen different measurements simultaneously.  
21. Data Logging – 
Atmospheric Data logging 24/7 with adjustable logging rate.
22. Replaceable Impeller –
Patented user replaceable impellers as they wear out.
23. Multiple Languages –
English, French, German, and Spanish.
24. Metric Support –
 Ability to use Metric or Imperial Inputs/Outputs.
25. Mil Spec –
Mil-Std 810g Drop Tested + IP67 Waterproof.


1. Temperature
2. Wind Speed
3. Wind Direction
4. Crosswind (Degrees or Clock Value)
5. Headwind/Tailwind
6. Relative Humidity
7. Barometric Pressure
8. Station Pressure
9. Density Altitude
10. Wind Chill
11. Heat Stress Index
12. Dew Point Temp
13. Wet Bulb Temp
14. Compass Direction
15. Altitude
16. Pressure Trends


Replaced with the Kestrel Elite (5700) in the Fall of 2015.