Kestrel Drop 3

The Kestrel Drop 3 is a wireless, waterproof, rugged, popular Weather Meter / Data Logger for those looking for a smaller option that does not report wind. Used by Military, Police, Federal, and Recreational Shooters around the world, this small but highly portable device has the same accuracy as the Kestrel Wind Meters with Applied Ballistics. This device does not have onboard ballistics but can be used in conjunction with AB Tactical. Its roughly the size of a car key fob, and will last months on a single watch battery.

This device also logs/tracks data 24/7. Meaning if you clip it to your bag, at the end of the day you can pull up the weather change logs, to review how weather changed during the day. Great for competition shooters who want to analyze their day.

Its small compact form factor, means for the Military/LEO shooter it can be clipped to a range bag, and forgotten about. Its rugged enough to survive day to day operations, but small enough to never get in the way.

Compatible Apps: AB Tactical

OEM User Manual: LINK

1. Temperature
2. Station Pressure
3. Humidity
4. Density Altitude
5. Heat Index
6. Dew Point
7. Pressure Trend