ABREM 100/200

Applied Ballistics Rapid Engagement Module (ABREM) 100 & 200

The Applied Ballistics Rapid Engagement Module (ABREM) is the latest evolution of the IBEAM design concept which is intended to integrate the various elements of a fire control solution for long range rifle shooting.  Whereas IBEAM was designed specifically around modern US military sniper rifles, optics, and weapon mounted LRF’s, ABREM is designed for more general application.  Rather than mounting with a specific base-ring set like IBEAM, ABREM is a scope tube mounted module which means it can work in more configurations.

ABREM comes in two form factors. REM100 and REM200. The REM100 is a module that mounts to the rail of the system, and is then cabled in to your LRF. The REM200 is a scope mount with the module integrated in to the mount, making it an all in one unit:

REM100   REM200

ABREM uses the same AB developed chipset as IBEAM which includes all environmental, positional, and directional sensors required to drive a complete ballistic solution.


With all environmental, directional and positional inputs being continuously monitored by the onboard sensors, the only remaining input is range.  Range input is intended to come from a RAPTAR, PLRF, STORM or RULR weapon mounted Laser Range Finder (LRF), but can also be input manually via the keypad.  With this fully integrated fire control solution, shooters can engage targets without ever coming out of the scope to consult PDA’s, atmospheric measurements, rangefinders, etc.  Time to engage is dramatically reduced and combat effectiveness enhanced.

Bullet drag modeling options include BC’s referenced to the G1 or G7 standard, as well as custom drag models developed in the Applied Ballistics Laboratory with instrumented live fire testing.  Weapon/ammunition profile management can be done on the device, or via the desktop profile management software.  The profile management software is the same as used for the IBEAM and AB Kestrel unit which makes it easy to transition between devices.

Laser Range Finder Compatibility: RAPTAR – RAPTAR-S – PLRF 15 – PLRF 25 – STORM – RULR

Profile Loader Compatibility: AB TacticalAB Analytics AB Profile Loader

Product Sheet: Product Sheet PDF


ABREM 100 & 200 Modules are currently in production.  Contact Us for details.