Sig Sauer Kilo 2400 ABS

The Sig Sauer Kilo 2400 Applied Ballistics System is a state of the art Laser Range Finder (LRF) embedded with a full Applied Ballistics Calculator and array of atmospheric sensors. It is capable of scan mode, where it can update the range 4 times a second. The return rate of the laser is 1/4 of a second, giving it very fast ranging capabilities. It can then use a full array of sensors, and the Applied Ballistics Engine to give a firing solution. It also has built in Bluetooth where it can feed live data to an Android or iPhone device via the included free app.

The Sig Kilo 2400 ABS does not require a connection to the app to provide ballistic solutions. The app is only required for building and loading profiles on to the device. The Kilo 2400 operates completely on its own or when connected to the app. The choice is up to the operator. Further more, there is no limitation on the ballistic solution. While some range finders put a limit on how far they will provide firing solutions (500 yards, 1400 yards) the Kilo 2400 does not.

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SK2400ABS OEM Manual: Click Here.

Online App User Guide: Sig Kilo 2400 App Online User Guide

PDF App User Guide: Click Here

Compatible Apps: Kilo 2400 App, AB Tactical.


1. AB Ballistics Engine – Most accurate ballistic solver on the market. Trusted by professionals.
2. Gun Profile Management – Build, Edit, and Upload from the App to your device.
3. Multiple Profiles – Store up to 4 profiles on the device. 100 Profiles In App.
4. Ballistic Calibration – Muzzle Velocity and/or BC Calibration ability.

5. Custom Drag Models –  AB was the first to develop a publically available system/library with Custom Drag Models. More accurate than G1/G7 BCs.
6. G1/G7 Tested Library –  Users can choose CDM or G1/G7 when profile building.
7. Aerodynamic Jump, Spin Drift, & Coriolis Effect are all calculated in the system(Embedded sensors adjust for this in real time).
8. Muzzle Velocity Temp-Table –  Ability to train for muzzle velocity shift with temperature shift.
9. Free App – Comes with a free app for managing/using the device.

10. LightWave™ DSP Technology – Fastest and longest distance rangefinder engine.
11. Scan Mode with HyperScan™ Technology – Refreshes at 4x per second with RangeLock™.
12. Live Feed from sensors –  When connected to the app , the readings on each screen will live update and display in the app.
13. Lumatic™ OLED Display – Automatic brightness adjustment, or custom set brightness level.
14. Customizable Reticle – You can change the look of the reticle by adding/removing parts of the milling grid.
15. Wind Meter Included –  WeatherFlow Audio Jack Meter included to get wind speed and direction or input the wind speed and direction manual.
16. Target Mode – First, Last or Best options.
17. AMR Mode – Angle Modified Range (Inclination) can be turned on/off.
18. LOS Mode – Line Of Sight (No Inclination Calculation Adjustment).
19. Target Speed and Direction – Input via the app for calculation into firing solution.
20. Sensor Override ability – You can override the current sensor readings and input your own parameters such as Temp, Pressure, Direction of Fire etc.
21. Metric Support. 
22. Compact Form Factor.
24. Unique Housing/Color – Magnesium, Flat Dark Earth, with Applied Ballistics Medallion.
25. Performance – 25% Performance Improvement over the Sig Kilo 2000.
26. Adjustable Timeout – Adjust the timeout on the LRF from the app to 30(Default), 60, or 180 seconds.


Included Equipment
1. Free App for Android & iOS.
2. One Piece, Solid Machined, Tripod Mount.
3. TYR Water Resistant Molle Gear Bag.
4. Padded Ballistic Nylon Case.
5. Wind Meter.
6. Sig Sauer Tactical Pen/Stylus.
8. 3 Batteries.


Technical Specs
Compact Form Factor – 4.2in(107mm) Tall x 1.3in(33mm) Wide x 3in(76mm) Tall
Housing – Magnesium, Flat Dark Earth, Housing.
Lens7x25mm monocular with SpectraCoat anti-reflective coating.
Performance – Deer (1400 Yards), Trees (1800 Yards), Reflective Steel (2000 Yards+).
Field of View (FOV) @ 100 Yards – 35.67 ft.
Angular FOV – 6.78 degrees
Laser – 905nm
Laser Divergence – 1.3 Mils (4.4 MOA) Round.

Weight with battery – 7.5oz/215g
Exit Pupil – 3.6mm
Eye Relief – 15mm
Readings: Temperature, Pressure, Humidity, Density Altitude, Direction of Fire (Compass), Inclination (Vertical Angel to Target), Range.
Bluetooth BLE – Android/iOS/PC Compatible. Theoretical Max Range 100Meters(Perfect World).


Avaliability: Pre-Orders Accepted Now

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