Wind Sensor Array

WSA2The Applied Ballistics Wind Sensor Array (WSA) was developed to address the biggest variable in shooting: wind.  Nothing compromises hit percentage more than wind uncertainty and training is the most effective way to reduce this uncertainty.  

Instrumenting a range with the WSA enhances the effectiveness of training by providing real-time wind sensory data which shows what the actual wind conditions are, so that students can calibrate their eye to the various indicators.

Design requirements for the WSA can be range specific.  For example, if there’s a great deal of terrain on the range over which vertical winds can develop, then you’ll require a 3-D anemometer head which measures the vertical component of wind direction in addition to the components parallel to the ground.  How many nodes are required to properly instrument your range is another unique requirement, and the range over which they need to operate can drive the design of the communications hardware.  For these reasons, elements of the WSA systems are custom designed based on the intended use and cost varies accordingly.

Device Compatibility:  AB Analytics and AB Tactical.

10 Individual Devices can connect the station at a time. (Cell Phone and Laptop Mix).


WSA systems are available for order.  Contact Us for more details.