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Applied Ballistics strives to provide you with the best customer support and accessibility that we can. Aside from Emailing and Calling us, you can find us daily in direct support, on a number of Forums and Social Media sites. You can get the latest updates, and information in real time by following us on social media. On the forums you will find a number of hot topics like non-linear convergence, pro-support threads, and answers to common shooter questions.

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In The News:
Applied Ballistics Dominates the King Of 2 Mile Competition:
King Of 2 Mile

RAPTAR-S wins USASOC ISC Special Operations Command International Sniper Challenge:

Kestrel with Applied Ballistics top 6 pick in Elite Sniper Tech:
Kestrel w/ AB T6iEST L1   Kestrel w/ AB T6iEST L2

Marines Choose Kestrel with Applied Ballistics as Scout Sniper Ballistic Computer:
USMC Pick Kestrel as SSBC