Applied Ballistics for Long Range Shooting 3rd Edition Contents:

Part 1) Introduction: Current State of the Art, Modeling, Statistics, & The Big Picture.
Part 2) Elements of Exterior Ballistics:
 Fundamentals, The Ballistic Coefficient, Gravity Drop, Uphill/Downhill Shooting, Wind Deflection, Gyroscopic Drift, The Coriolis Effect, Using Ballistic Programs, Getting Control of Sights, Bullet Stability, and Extended Range Shooting.
Part 3) Ballistic Performance Analysis: Interesting Facts & Trends, Example Performance Analysis, Generalized Score Shooting Analysis, Lethality of Long Range Hunting Bullets, and Weapon Employment Zone Analysis.
Part 4) Properties of Long Range Bullets: Anatomy of a Bullet, Monolithic Bullets (solids), and Ballistic Performance of Rifle Bullets.
Part 5) Appendix of Formulas, and Bullet BCs.
AB Point Mass Solver CD) Every book includes the point mass solver on cd so you can follow along by doing calculations on your own!
ISBN: 978-0-9909206-1-8 53995