Modern Advancements in Long Range Shooting Vol 1 Contents:

Part 1) How Stability Effects Bullet Flight: Twist Rate and Muzzle Velocity, Stability and Drag – Supersonic, Stability and Drag – Transonic, Spin Rate Decay, & Effect of Twist Rate on Precision.
Part 2) Modern Rifles, Scopes, and BulletsModern Long Range Rifles, Advancements in Optics, Long Range Hunting Bullets, Rise of the 30 Caliber, and Evolution of FULLBORE Bullets.
Part 3) Advancements in Predictive ModelingState of the Art Ballistics Modeling, Accounting for Secondary Effects, Modern Drag Modeling, & WEZ Modeling.
Part 4) Range, Wind & Velocity Measurement: Measuring Muzzle Velocity, Laser Rangefinders, Wind Measurement, & Modern Ballistic Instrumentation.
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