I am using two different apps, and my firing solution is 1/2/3 moa off, can you help me please?

The biggest culprit here comes from 1 of 4 different places.

  1. BC: Sometimes users will select to use a G7 BC, or switch BCs but the number doesn’t actually change. Make sure you verify not only that you have selected the correct drag standard (G1 or G7), but that it is an appropriate number. If you are running a 6.5 Creedmoor, and have a BC of around .600 yet you have selected G7 form factor, this is incorrect.
  2. MV: Sometimes users do not have the correct muzzle velocity input (this can be due to change in weather), but it can also be due to using MV Variation (Or Temp Table) incorrectly. We have detailed information on how to use this feature in the AB Mobile Guide on the User Guides Page. Your input for fps/degree should be between zero and two; any higher and you’re going to be off.
  3. Turret Tracking: This tends to throw people off for a number of reasons. First off, some users don’t know to even check this. Remember it’s a mechanic adjustment that is subject not only to wear, but defects. Secondly some users don’t know how to input it correctly. If you have the Kestrel, you simply correct your MV for this. You can find out more in the Ballistics Calibration Article in the ArticlesIf you are using the AB Mobile app, you are entering a correction FACTOR. Meaning that number is going to multiplied by something. So if you change that 1 to a 0, you are in for a world of hurt. The AB Mobile guide on the resource page tells you how to properly use this number, on top of the turret tracking test document you can download which has the formulas and setup for this test.
  4. Segmented BCs: You should always double check and make sure that the segmented BCs are in order. If they do not follow in order for velocity, it can cause firing solution errors.