What reticles do you have in your app?

Here is a current list of our reticles in the AB Mobile App:

Bushnell G2
Bushnell G3i
Bushnell G2H

Gen 2 XR

Horus H58
Horus H59
Leupold Tactical Milling
March FMA-1 3-24 Illum
March FMA-1 3-24
March FMA-1 5-40 Illum
March FMA-1 5-40
March FMA-2 3-24
March FMA-2 5-40
March FML-1 3-24 Illum
March FML-1 3-24
March FML-1 5-40 Illum
March FML-1 5-40
March MTR-1 Illum
March MTR-1
March MTR-2 Illum
March MTR-2
March MTR-3 Illum
March MTR-3
March MTR-4 Illum
March MTR-4

Nightforce MOAR
Nightforce NP-R1
Nightforce NP-R2
Nightforce MLR
Schmidt Bender P4L
Sightron LRMOA 2
TReMoR 2
Vortex Viper PST EBR-1 FFP
Vortext Viper PST EBR-1 SFP