AB Connect™

Applied Ballistics Connect™ is a cloud-based system we developed to keep the products in the AB Ecosystem synced to bullet libraries/laboratory data in real time. The technicians in our state of the art laboratory measure the bullets’ dimensions using an optical comparator down to the ten thousandth of an inch, removing the human element and error associated with hand measuring. They then test fire the bullet, old or new, and gather the actual drag data using an array of nearly a dozen instruments. The Doppler radar data is checked against an optical chronograph and GPS time of flight data (always check your math) to ensure accuracy of the data. That data is then automatically fed in to the Applied Ballistics Database server. The AB Ecosystem device and/or app featuring AB Connect™ checks the database every time it starts , as long as your device has an internet connection. If the device or app detects a difference, even if it’s simply a different BC or bullet length for a bullet, the product will then update the library to match what is in AB Connect.

This is not only done for new additions to the library, but is also done for bullets already in the library to check for any changes from lot to lot by manufacturers. It is not uncommon for a bullet’s drag information to change, as components like the dies used are swapped out by the manufacturers.

You can see a list of our current library here: Complete Bullet List.

We keep a record of the library changes. This record displays the bullets which were updated with each rendition, and the bullets which were added with each library increase. You can find that change log here: AB Connect Change Log.

Current Library Version: 819

Since this system is live, users are sometimes questioned with the difference in online published BCs and the BCs in the products. You can be assured that the most up to date data you will find is in your products. This is because the products are constantly checking their libraries vs the data in our lab, and making any changes necessary.

Products Benefiting from AB Connect™:




Garmin® Foretrex® 701
Kestrel® Elite
Kestrel® Elite/Sportsman
Kestrel® Elite


Sig Sauer® Kilo 2400 ABS