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Applied Ballistics

Long range shooting is fun.  It’s even more fun when you hit what you’re shooting at.  Regardless if you’re a long range hunter, serious competitor or casual target shooter, the science that determines the flight of your bullet is all the same.  Instructional resources from Applied Ballistics can help you understand and apply the science of accuracy so you can put more rounds on target in whatever your chosen discipline might be.




Those who shoot for a living demand the highest level of excellence.  Applied Ballistics is proud to support military and law enforcement professionals with the most accurate and reliable resources to help them keep safe and accomplish their mission.


Ballistic Resources


A great deal of helpful information and utilities is provided in the resources section of this site.  Download content and read up on ballistics related matters, run the Applied Ballistics online solver, and explore hit percentage analysis with the various free utilities available thru the Applied Ballistics resources page.



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