Applied Ballistics’ mission is to be a complete and unbiased source of external ballistics information for long range shooters. We’re highly active in R&D, constantly testing new claims, products and ideas for potential merit and dispensing with the marketing hype which can make it so difficult for shooters to master the challenging discipline of long range shooting. We believe in the scientific method and promote mastery thru understanding of the fundamentals. Our work is passed on to the shooting community in the form of instructional materials which are easy to understand, and products such as ballistic software which runs on many platforms. If you’re a long range shooter who’s eager to learn about the science of your craft, we’re here for you.


The Applied Ballistics Laboratory is continually researching new areas of internal, external and terminal ballistics. Typical Laboratory activities are scheduled in support of internal research efforts, however external consulting is also accepted. Applied Ballistics Laboratories supports Berger Bullets and select partners with regular ballistic testing services.


Applied Ballistics is not only integrated in to a host of devices, but also apps. These apps are the most accurate, and highly vetted on the market. Some of the apps are used for managing Applied Ballistics embedded devices, while others are standalone apps for gathering your firing solution in the field.

• AB Analytics (Windows/Mac)
• AB Mobile(iOS/Android)
• Kestrel LiNK Ballistics (iOS/Android)
• Sig Sauer BDX (iOS/Android)
• Bushnell Ballistics (iOS/Android)


Applied Ballistics® has partnered with a number of companies to help integrate ballistics engines and electronics. As the most accurate solver, backed by a full time ballistics laboratory, it has become the go to choice for electronics integration. You can find the solver embedded into many different devices. AB Embedded devices were not only named in the Top Picks in Elite Sniper Tech, but have also been proven in the field both competitively as well as real world applications.

• Kestrel Ballistic Weather Meters
• Garmin Foretrex 701
• Sig BDX LRFs & Scopes
• Bushnell Nitro 1800
• DARPA Computational Weapon Optic


The Professional activities supported by Applied Ballistics are broad. From ballistic software integration to training seminars, Applied Ballistics has the depth to support the needs of todays’ military and law enforcement professionals with state-of-the-art information and kit. Applied Ballistics Training Division (ABTD) strives to provide high quality, professional, and flexible training in the practical application of long-range external ballistics. Focusing on the science of accuracy within a practical approach allows ABTD to encompass civilian, law enforcement, and military applications, helping shooters put more rounds on target. Applied Ballistics is proud to partner with Accuracy 1st, run by the US’s leading sniper instructor Todd Hodnett. Principal Engineer Nick Vitalbo and his team of highly capable engineers at nVisti lead the way in the development of cutting-edge products designed to help professional shooters accomplish their mission by leveraging the science of accuracy.



The Applied Ballistics mobile lab utilizes a free standing mobile doppler radar system to determine a custom drag curve for any conventional small arms weapon system. This services is offered as part of mobile lab deployments to partnered range day events and external consultations. Find out more about where the mobile lab will be next, where you too can get a custom drag curve for your weapon system!


If you are a range or event organizer and are interested in an Applied Ballistics mobile lab deployment to your range or venue, contact us today!


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