Mobile Lab

Bringing the Science of Accuracy to You

The Applied Ballistics Mobile Laboratory delivers the science of accuracy where it’s needed most; on the range, with the shooters. To that end, we’ve created a robust and versatile resource to support scientific testing and other shooting activities and are making this resource available to the public. See the calendar below for a schedule of events the AB Mobile lab will attend.

ABML Deployment Dates and Locations

AB Mobile Lab

Applied Ballistics is pleased to announce the deployment of the Applied Ballistics Mobile Laboratory for the 2020 shooting season. We hope to see you at one of the events listed below!

  • July 31-Aug 1 Wisconsin Barrel Maker Classic
  • Aug 21-23 ELR at Clark’s Knob / Ringneck Ranch
  • Sept 23-25 KO2M
  • Oct 2-4 The Gap Grind
  • Oct 16-18 Kestrel Fall Classic

ABML Capabilities

The following is a list of capabilities that the AB Mobile lab can offer both shooters and event organizers.


  • Doppler radar measurements. Getting an accurate fire solution is one of the challenges of hitting small targets at long range. Shooters need the most accurate ballistic model of the bullets they’re shooting, and there’s no better way to get this than to fire their own rifle and ammo under doppler radar. A digital Personalized Drag Model (PDM) can be created from your live fire results for use in any AB device utilizing the AB Elite® and or ABX® Ballistics engines (Kestrel, Garmin, Sig, Bushnell, etc.) that very same day.
  • Expert advice from AB staff. We’re not just here to run a radar. The AB Mobile lab deploys with numerous staff who can assist shooters with many ballistics related questions such as:
    • How to use AB devices including how to get a radar measured PDM into their AB device
    • Analyzing what the radar tracks are saying, for example:
      • “Is my barrel shot out?”
      • “At what range is my bullet going unstable?”
      • “How consistent is my BC from shot-to-shot?”
      • “How does my bullets drag compare to other rifles shooting the same bullet?”
      • “Is my muzzle brake or suppressor causing a launch dynamic with the bullet?”
    • Tips and advice for competition shooting including wind reading.
    • Handloading tips
  • The AB Mobile lab can be made available for match personnel to facilitate many activities including:
    • Squadding and scoring
    • Setting up electronic equipment such as target camera monitors
    • Wi-fi hot spot
    • Secure on-range storage of valuables
    • Snacks and beverage supply
  • We carry survey equipment which can be used to determine exact range to targets at up to 10 km range and 1mm resolution to 3500 meters. This has been useful in establishing/verifying range for world records.
  • The AB Mobile Lab can deploy a Wind Sensor Array (WSA) which is comprised of numerous anemometers placed downrange which measure, average and report the effective wind from the firing line. This can be used for live fire wind training.
  • Gun cleaning supplies for all common calibers including bore scoping is available.