Every successful shot begins with a capable shooter practicing the fundamentals of sight alignment and trigger control.  Applied Ballistics excels at enhancing these raw capabilities with technology.  Along with a number of industry partners we offer a full range of expertise including field consulting, ballistic testing and software development/integration.

Hardware/Software Integration
Applied Ballistics has worked with many companies to integrate our state-of-the-art ballistic solver into such devices as: laser rangefinders, Kestrel weather meters, wind sensor arrays, smart phone apps, electro-optics (scopes) and even scope mounts.  Our professional team of experts can provide support at various levels from simple software integration to hardware specifications.  Applied Ballistics has even developed a hardware chip with onboard weather sensors which can be integrated into just about anything.  To learn more about this service, send an email through our Contact page.

Ballistic Testing
Experimentation is the backbone of science.  The Applied Ballistics Laboratory conducts ongoing live fire testing of modern rifles, components and instrumentation in support of multiple projects. This full time, live fire research facility is the origin of small arms projectile drag models which drive fire solutions in all Applied Ballistics software applications.  No estimates or computer generated models here!  Our trajectory predictions are based on direct measurements of specific bullets which removes the guesswork from drag modeling.  2d

Ballistic testing activities extend beyond BC and drag measurements.  Detailed measurements of bullet spin and spin rate decay are routinely made at the Applied Ballistics lab, as well as dispersion screening at multiple ranges, terminal performance, and detailed geometric, mass and aerodynamic characterization of small arms bullets.  Typical ballistic testing is done for in-house projects, but the Laboratory does accept external work as well.  If you’re considering a product development in the long range rifle shooting field, rely on the experts at Applied Ballistics to provide you with credible scientific research on which to base your designs.  Experimentation is the backbone of science, but measurement is the backbone of experimentation.

If you are interested in having your production bullets tested and included in our Library, you can contact us through our Contact page, and select bullet inclusion when filling out the form.

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Hosting a Class/Seminar
If you are interested in contracting Applied Ballistics Team, or hosting a seminar at your facilities contact us through our Contact form with what you are looking for, and we will open discussions with you. We provide all the instructors and resources. Including a full set of Books, and AB Analytics software to every student.