ITAR US Persons Verification Policy

Applied Ballistics Training Division, Incorporated (hereinafter “Applied Ballistics Training Division”) course curriculum may include live fire training. I understand that during this training event, Applied Ballistics Training Division may release International Traffic in Arms Regulations (hereinafter “ITAR”) regulated technical data and may provide access to ITAR controlled firearms and ammunition. To ensure compliance with the ITAR, Applied Ballistics Training Division must verify the U.S. Person status of all persons to whom the ITAR regulated technical data, firearms and ammunition will be released to during the training event.


I, acknowledge, verify and certify that I am at least 18 years of age, can legally own a firearm and participate in Applied Ballistics Training Division courses, that I meet the ITAR’s definition of a US Person and have been granted U.S. citizenship status; or U.S. permanent residence status; or “protected person” status under 8 U.S.C. 1324b(a)(3). I understand that I may be required to produce documents verifying that I meet the ITAR’s definition of a U.S. Person, and that it is my responsibility to produce proof of U.S. Person status upon request. I understand that these documents may be photocopied and that failing to produce adequate proof of status will render me unable to commence the training course until such proof is provided. I acknowledge that I will be dismissed from the activity if I cannot produce proof upon request, and any partial or complete refund will be at the sole discretion of Applied Ballistics Training Division. By signing this document, I fully acknowledge, understand to my satisfaction, agree with and certify these statements.


Any of the following documentation provides appropriate verification of US Persons status:


  • S. Birth Certificate;
  • S. Military ID;
  • S. Passport/passport card ;
  • S. Naturalization Certificate – N-550;
  • S. Permanent Residence Card – I-551;
  • S. Protected Persons Card;
  • Consular Report of a Birth Abroad; and
  • Certificate of Citizenship – N-560.