LR Essentials



This course develops the fundamental shooting foundations, while teaching shooters how to effectively hit targets at 1000 yards using Applied Ballistics solvers.


Shooters are presented with classroom and range time over three days, culminating in various target engagements out to 1000 yards.


  • External Ballistics
  • AB Devices and Solvers
  • LR Equipment Selection
  • Data Book Employment
  • Weapon Setup & Sight Calibration
  • Accuracy & Precision Fundamentals
  • LR Target Engagements with AB Solvers
  • Wind Reading & Estimation
  • Reticle Holdover Engagement Methods
  • Spotting and Team Communication



Each training day commences at 0800 and concludes at 1700 with a one-hour lunch break. AB Trainers will also be available for follow up discussion and questions thereafter.


LR Essentials is a three-day course.



Participants must be a US citizen or US person to attend this course. Participants must be able to produce proof of citizenship or residency status upon request. Basic LR shooting experience is highly desirable to engage with course content. Participants must possess competence in exercising weapon safety and handling.



You don’t need to be an athlete but be prepared for three days of range shooting regardless of the potential for less than favorable weather conditions.



Receive an AB Reference Bundle and a range of ABTD swag after signup completion. The Merch Bundle is shipped to your address before course commencement.



Bring your personal AB device or take the opportunity to select an AB training device appropriate to your shooting objectives. Choose between using a Kestrel 5700 ELITE AB or Garmin Foretrex 701B for the duration of the course.



  • Capable of consistently grouping 1 MOA or less
  • Semi-automatic or bolt action
  • Equipped with a bipod that can be leveled (e.g., Harris S-BRM, Atlas BT-10, Phoenix, etc.)
  • Optional use of tripod
  • Magazine or single feed
  • Caliber between .223 and .375 (range regulation dependent)
  • Anti-cant level installed

08. OPTIC:


  • Exposed target style turrets
  • 35 MOA / 10 MRAD internal elevation adjustment after zero or
  • MOA / MRAD reticle capable of holdover to 1000 yards or
  • Elevation adjustment and reticle holdover of 35 MOA / 10 MRAD after zero
  • Variable of fixed magnification optic with at least 10x



  • 400 rounds of match grade ammunition
  • Capable of consistently grouping 1 MOA or less


Armor piecing, tungsten core, steel core, explosive, barrier blind, or similar ammunition natures may not be used.


The performance and safety of hand-loaded ammunition is the sole responsibility of the shooter.

10. GEAR:


More specific course information is provided upon sign up. The following provides an indication of required and suggested course equipment.


  • Stationary & Notebook
  • Hearing Protection
  • Water
  • Range Bag or Backpack
  • Safety Equipment
  • Gun Cleaning Kit
  • Weapon Accessories and Tools
  • Weapon Storage Case
  • Shooting Bags and Range Gear
  • Pocket Calculator
  • Shooting Mat
  • Sun Protection
  • Cold and Wet Weather Gear
  • Watch
  • Spotting Scope
  • Sling
  • Applied Ballistics Devices / Solvers
  • Lens Cleaning Kit
  • Optic User Guides / Manuals
  • Laptop / CD Drive / Latest JAVA Version – Point Mass Solver


Please contact us if you have any further questions.