Recommended Products

The Culmination Of Our Industry Experience

Over the years, Applied Ballistics has been involved in the development of or testing of certain products. On this page you will find recommended products based on that testing, and short descriptions of them.

01. Accuracy 1st Whiz Wheel

Developed for professional shooters who demand a robust and accurate fire solution under any circumstances. The Accuracy 1st Whiz Wheel provides a fully custom ballistic solution, accurate to 0.1 MIL. This product was developed by Bryan Litz (Applied Ballistics) for Todd Hodnett (Accuracy 1st). Nowhere else will you find a more robust, practical and accurate ballistic tool guaranteed to work day or night, rain or shine, anywhere in the world.

02. Long Range Made Easy (DVD Set)

This 3 Volume DVD set is a collaborative effort between two of the industries best instructors. Bryan Litz and Todd Hodnett. This DVD set will take any shooter from setting up your Rifle/Equipment, to understanding how to use your Applied Ballistic Integrated Equipment and managing wind. For anyone looking to grasp a comprehensive understanding of long range shooting, this is a great resource for shooters from new to experienced.


This Educational DVD Set Has 3 Volumes:
1) Volume 1 is a 2 disc set. Disc 1 covers the shooting platform (Rifle, Scope, Bullet). Gear, and Zeroing a rifle. As well as an introduction to Long Range Shooting. Disc 2 goes in to shooting postions, recoil management, setting up a rifle, wind formulas, and spotting.


2) Volume 2 is a 2 disc set. Disc 1 goes in to the operation of Ballistic Calculators. How to operate the AB Kestrel, Bullet Diameters, Truing Ballistic Calculators, Drag Scale Factoring, and WEZ (Weapon Employment Zone). Disc 2 takes you to the range to demonstrate in a real world environment important things like methods for managing wind, using the Whiz Wheel, reticles, and one mile shooting.


3) Volume 3 covers how to use the TReMoR 2 Reticle. Things discussed are Training with the Reticle, Mounting the Scope, Scope Calibration, Reticle Breakdown, Accuracy 1st Speed Shooting Formula, and more.

03. Whidden Pointing Die System

The idea of pointing the tips of match bullets is to increase BC and uniformity.  Different bullets will benefit from this process more or less than others.  The BC increase has been measured between 2% and 8% for a variety of long range bullets. Pointing bullet tips also increases uniformity as well (more or less depending on how uniform the bullets are to begin with, out-of-the-box).  Bullet pointing has been in common practice for a number of years now with no identifiable downside. So what is the burden of this performance increase?  Of course there’s the initial cost of the tool.  After that, using the tool is fairly quick and easy, taking less than 10 minutes to point a box of 100 bullets. The Whidden Pointing Die Set was developed with the help of Bryan Litz to ensure its performance. To learn more about the effects of bullet pointing/trimming and how this device performs with different bullets you can read Modern Advancements in Long Range Shooting Vol 2. For a short article on how and when to point bullets see our Bullet Pointing Article.

This system consists of 3 components:

1) The Die Body. This is the same regardless of what is being pointed.

2) Caliber Sleeve. Guides and supports the bullet during the process. Caliber Specific.

3) Die Inserts. Their are 3 inserts determined by bullets geometry and designed by Bryan Litz. To see a list of what inserts go with what bullets see here: Whidden Bullet Die Insert Chart.


04. Berger Bullets Reloading Manual

With techniques for both the basic and advanced reloader, this 829 page manual features reloading data for over 70 of the most popular cartridges used today. This manual includes everything you have come to expect from a reloading manual, as well as additional tips, techniques and information about the history of Berger Bullets; including “The Story of Walt Berger.” For a full list of Cartridges Included, please see Berger Bullets blog:

1) Reloading Data for over 70 Cartridges

2) Basic Reloading Safety

3) G1 vs G7 Ballistic Coefficients

4) Rifle Barrel Twist Rates Explained

5) Handloading Basics

6) Lot to Lot Powder Variation Discussed

7) Form Factors for Analysis

8) Basic Statistics for Handloading

9) Effects of COAL and CBTO

10) Introductions to Rifle Shooting Disciplines Plus Much More!


05. Lab Radar

LabRadar was developed by Infinition Inc of Trois-Rivieres, Quebec, Canada. Infinition has been the industry leader in Doppler Radar Technology since 1996 with products being used by defense agencies all over the world. Infinition Inc. has unique expertise in Ballistic Instrumentation Radar Systems and highly sophisticated software for the capture and processing of a ballistic event.

High quality innovative products and services, timely delivery and superior customer support have all contributed to gaining customers and establishing our solid worldwide reputation. Our radar systems include the most complex long range multiple target tracking systems to small laboratory range applications capturing tiny projectiles at ultra high velocities. From this technology the creation of LabRadar was developed for everyday use by individuals.


06. Berger Ammunition

Berger Ammunition offers superior ammunition for shooters that require reliability and consistency. Berger Ammunition was founded to give competitive shooters the best fully loaded ammunition available on the market. Since Berger Ammunitions founding, it has brought the same quality and capability to hunting and tactical ammunition.

Our Ballistician, Bryan Litz, uses the highest quality components (Berger Bullet & Temp In-Sensitive Powders), most advanced scientific techniques and custom developed ballistics software to develop each cartridge. Then our highly trained production staff build the ammunition to his exact specifications with consistency as their top priority. That way each round shoots just as good as the last. Rigorous field testing is done to ensure the capabilities of the load developed in the lab and to quality check the ammunition being produced to 1% accuracy.


07. Kestrel Drop 3

The Kestrel Drop 3 is a wireless, waterproof, rugged, popular Weather Meter / Data Logger for those looking for a smaller option that does not report wind.

Used by Military, Police, Federal, and Recreational Shooters around the world, this small but highly portable device has the same accuracy as the Kestrel Wind Meters with Applied Ballistics. This device does not have onboard ballistics but can be used in conjunction with AB Tactical. Its roughly the size of a car key fob, and will last months on a single watch battery.