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Applied Ballistics® is an avid supporter and participant in long range rifle competitions.  Visit our competitions page to see what events we’re sponsoring and attending and to learn more about the fun and exciting sport of long range target shooting in general. Competitions




Measurement is the backbone of science.  One of the many things that sets Applied Ballistics® apart  is our modern ballistics laboratory where we conduct ongoing ballistic research in support of many projects. Laboratory


Custom Drag Model (Bullet) Library
cdm1The Applied Ballistics® Library is an important part of the global system of products. CDM’s provide the most accurate firing solution from Supersonic to Subsonic, and can be found integrated in to numerous system. To learn more about which product has this feature, go to the products section. Custom Drag Models




Check out technical articles on various ballistics topics including: bullet design and performance, ballistic programs, and other technical aspects of long range shooting. Articles



hires_121015-F-NH180-923cSApplied Ballistics® is an active partner in many cutting edge industry developments.  Do you have a project in need of expert ballistics consulting?  Visit our consulting page to learn how Applied Ballistics can support your product development. Consulting




Created for shooters, by shooters.  Applied Ballistics® has its origins in 1000 yard rifle competition and its products reflect the years of experience and insight gained along the way. Applied Ballistics® offers a number of quality products for the shooting professional and recreational shooter.  If your job demands accuracy and precision, rely on the experts to provide you with field proven solutions. Products



s1Applied Ballistics® holds Seminars during certain parts of the year. These seminars are two days jam packed with information. Every student gets a complete set of books, AB Analytics Software, and instruction from the Applied Ballistics® Team. Aside from the standard seminars, you can also contract us out to host a seminar at your facility. For more details on how to do this, contact us. Seminars Contact Us


Educational Library
Exterior Ballistics is a mature science. Unfortunately, most shooters have not been able to take full advantage of this field because its always been described in highly technical language. Our library of media educational material provides a user level understanding of this field so that the shooter can learn the many aspects without needing to be an engineer.